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AI Voice Clones Out to Scam Grandma

Written by on April 28, 2023

If you’ve ever recorded your voice and uploaded it to the Internet, you could be the net victim or the growing AI Audio Clone Scam! Learn how to protect yourself and your family inside.

The Federal trade Commission along with dozens of people on Instagram are warning of a new scam targeting parents and grandparents. The scammer will take an audio clip that you posted online and clone your voice. Then, using AI technology, the perp can make your voice call your loved ones and ask for money.

Examples include “Mom I’ve caused a bad accident and I’m in jail! Send money for bail!” Or your AI clone may call your grandpa up crying as if you’ve been kidnapped and need randsom money.

The best thing to do if you or your loved ones get a call like this is hang up and call the person claiming to be the victim directly.

Do not wire any money or meet up with the person without confirming the tragedy.

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