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ABC’s “How To Get Away With Murder” Ends with Death But With A Twist ***Spoiler Alert***

Written by on May 15, 2020

********Spoiler Alert**********

After 6 seasons and countless murders. ABC’s Hit TV Show “How To Get Away With Murder” starting Viola Davis has finally come to an end. Professor Annalise Keating played my Davis. Boldly addressed topics no other TV Network Drama has ever brought up before. Keating, and her cast of kids showed just about every emotion. Passion, anger, anxiety, trauma, self-preservation, friendship, betrayal, and love. All wrapped up in story lines of a corrupt justice system that allows the rich to get away with it. And just murder. Now for last nights finale.

********Spoiler Alert**********

After everything Annalise Keating went through, she was found not guilty. On every count! Yep, just about every murder that took place over the last six years. And yes, she did die but after living a nice long life. As for Team Keating? Frank, Bonnie, Nate, Michaela, Connor, Oliver, Laurel And Christopher. I won’t spoil everything for the HTGAWM Fans. But not everybody lives happily ever after. I other hand, am very happy with how the whole show ended.

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