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AAA Reports Gas Prices Go Down In Rochester

Written by on February 7, 2023

Gas prices in Rochester, New York are going down. Locally gas prices have continued to drop since June after prices reached the highest they have ever been at $4.99 per gallon.

On Monday, the average in New York State is $3.56. In Rochester the average price of gas is $3.51 per gallon according to AAA.

The national average of gas this week is $3.47 per gallon. The rising gas prices in spring and summer of 2022 because of the increased demand from the recovery of the pandemic as people moved around more. Supply couldn’t keep up plus with the world supply all jacked up from Europe’s restrictions on Russian oil it caused gas prices to soar and we felt it.

Now, things are looking much better at the pump… ahhhh relief. To see the reports click AAA Gas Prices.

Source: News10NBC


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