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80 Florida High School Students Yearbook Photos Altered To Show Less Cleavage

Written by on May 27, 2021

Some students and parents are upset over altered yearbook photos at a high school in Florida. A freshman at Bartram Trail High School noticed her picture was edited to show less cleavage.

The student said she has worn the outfit she wore to take pictures many times before taking the photo. She thought it met the dress code, but she noticed more students’ photos were edited as she went through the yearbook. About 80 female students had their chest area edited to show less cleavage.

The district’s Chief of Community Relations said the photos were edited because the female students were not in dress code. The students and parents feel the dress code needs to be revised. Some parents also said the female students were unfairly targeted and sexualized and even faced gender discrimination due to the dress code.

According to the district’s website disclaimer photos will be “digitally adjusted” if they don’t meet the student’s code of conduct.

Would you be okay with your child’s class picture or yearbook photo edited by the school without permission?

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Source: CNN


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