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5 Things You May Not Have Known About Bob Marley

Written by on February 8, 2024

(BET) – Bob Marley profoundly impacted the global music scene with his reggae rhythms and messages of love, peace, and unity. Despite his untimely death at 36, Marley’s influence remains pervasive, with his image symbolizing his enduring message. Set for release on February 14th, his life is celebrated in the biopic “One Love,” starring Kingsley Ben Adir. According to BET, the lesser-known facets of his life include:
1. He had two brief stints living in Wilmington, Delaware.
2. He was an early advocate for living an organic lifestyle.
3. He had a passion for football (soccer), so much so that he was buried with a soccer ball.
4. He was uncredited for the writing of “No Woman, No Cry.”
5. Marley continues to be a top- posthumous earning musician, with his estate thriving through various endorsements and the launch of Marley-branded products.

Marley would have turned 79 on February 6th.

Source: BET

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