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15 Children Risk Their Lives Climbing 2,625 Feet To Go To School

Written by on May 30, 2016


This article is mind blowing. You don’t know how good you have it until you look at someone else’s challenges.

15 Children age 6-15 in the village of Atuleer in Sichuan, China use a bamboo ladder to climb 2,625 foot wall to get to school. The bamboo ladder is the only access point to the village. 

Because of the dangerous climb the children board at the school 2 weeks at a time. The journey to school takes them about 90 minutes.

The area is severely impoverished but the Liangshan prefectural government that oversees the county released a statement saying there will be a set of steel stairs built to make the travel safer for the villagers.

The reason this story resonates with me is because we often hear how Rochester suffers from poverty and how that causes violence and low graduation rate… News flash Rochester doesn’t suffer from poverty. Are there folks who are poor that live in Rochester?.. The answer is YES absolutely.



Then this story comes along about the 15 children who risks their lives to get to school while we have access to vehicles, transportation to school, good school facilities, public transportation, clean running water, supermarkets, public assistance, sewages systems, access to great health facilities seriously I could go on and on!

There is a big difference in being POOR and living in POVERTY.

My point is poverty, no matter what level should NEVER stop you from getting an education or doing better for yourself  in positive way!

We have kids in our city who do not value education and use poverty as an excuse but yet there are kids who would literally die to have the circumstances you have.

I won’t even get into the people who use poverty as an excuse to commit crimes or take lives. Until you experience real poverty and by that I mean lack of food, access to health care, no electricity, lack of clean running water, lack of transportation to name a few then everything else truly is an excuse. What we have here in this city is a mindset that goes beyond said “poverty”

Enough of my rant watch the video below


Read more in depth here at NBC.com


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