DDG Gets Candid On How He And Halle Bailey Got Pregnant

DDG and Halle Bailey, dating for nearly two years, welcomed their son, Halo, in 2023, marking their journey into first-time parenthood. In an interview on “The Jason Lee Show,” DDG shared that the pregnancy was not planned but embraced by both, as they shared a mutual desire to become parents. Despite the frenzy their low-key […]


Blockbuster Blizzard is Slamming California

A severe winter storm is impacting California, bringing unprecedented snowfall, intense winds, and blizzard conditions, primarily in the mountain regions. The storm is predicted to be the most significant snow event of the year for the state and is expected to drop between 6 to 12 feet of snow in some areas over a few […]


Voters in Monroe County to get Polling Place Updates Via Postcards

The Monroe County Board of Elections is notifying voters about upcoming primary elections on April 2, 2024, through postcards mailed to them. These postcards will provide crucial information regarding their designated polling places, which might have changed due to redistricting and other factors. Democratic and Republican Board of Elections commissioners Jackie Ortiz and Lisa Nicolay […]


Cardi’s Back with a 90’s Flow ‘Like What’! [VIDEO]

After three long years Cardi B is back with a new solo single and video! “Like what (freestyle)” samples the Rock N Roll Hall of Famer Missy Elliot’s 1999 Da Real World Track “She’s a B****”. With the floor length furs and futuristic makeup, the music video is giving Lil Kim in her prime vibes! […]


Urban League of Rochester President/CEO Dr. Seannelle Hawkins Named To NY Commission To Study Reparations & Racial Justice

The president of the Urban League of Rochester, Dr. Seannelle Hawkins, has been named to the state’s commission to study reparations and racial justice. Governor Kathy Hochul and legislative leaders announced appointments to the nine-member commission. Dr. Hawkins is a native of Brooklyn. In 2019 she became the first woman CEO of the Urban League […]


Squatter Stops New Homeowners from Moving into Dream Home

A couple in Queens bought their dream home that had an unexpected guest living there aka squatter. The family purchased the home last October and yet has been able to move in after several failed attempts going to court to have the person removed. The squatter has been living in the home a year after the […]


 Jeffrey Osborne (Woo Woo Woo Song Sing-a-Long), Send 2 Women To Sue, Sue, Sue

Jeffrey Osborne is being sued by two women after an alleged concert sing-a-long moment that left them humiliated. Accusers Danielle Buchanan and Maneva Currie filed a complaint in the Superior Court of California stemming from an encounter with the singer at the Greek Theater. According to the women, they attended Osborne’s show on May 6th, 2023, when a crowd participation […]

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