The U.S. men’s basketball team has two goals for Paris: win gold and see Simone Biles

Written by on July 10, 2024

Bam Adebayo, a member of the U.S. men’s basketball team, has two primary goals for the Paris Olympics: winning a gold medal and getting a picture with gymnast Simone Biles. Biles, who is considered the face of the Paris Games, has an impressive 37 medals from Olympic and world championship competitions. Her popularity among fellow Olympians, including LeBron James and Kevin Durant, highlights her influence and excellence in gymnastics.


The basketball team members, who have never attended a gymnastics meet, are eager to watch Biles perform if their schedules allow. Biles’ longevity in the sport, competing at the highest level at 27, inspires many, including Durant, who appreciates her continued dominance beyond the typical peak age for gymnasts. The team acknowledges Biles’ impact not just in gymnastics but as a symbol of greatness and resilience.

LeBron James sees parallels between his career and Biles’, both continuing to excel in their sports beyond expected prime years. The basketball players admire Biles for her achievements and the inspiration she provides to athletes and fans worldwide.

Source: AP News

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