The Check In With You, Beautiful

Written by on January 3, 2023

Have you checked in with yourself lately to see how you’re really feeling? If you haven’t and you are reading this then it is the perfect time to see how you are feeling.

First let’s pause and be still for a moment. Now, take a breath and feel how you are feeling physically. This will take less than one minute. Just scan your body from head to toe and see if you feel pain anywhere or if you are feeling more energized today things like that. Once you do the quick scan take note of how you are feeling physically for this day. I would suggest getting a journal if you do not already have one and write what you discover in it. You could also start to create a habit of checking in and noting it once a week!

Next, check in with your mind. Take a moment to see what you are thinking, pay attention to your thoughts. See what’s going on inside of that beautiful and unique mind of yours. Again, if you have a journal take note of what your are thinking.

Let’s see how you are feeling emotionally. For example you can ask yourself  “how am I feeling right now?”. Try to describe what you feel to yourself and then take that emotion like “I feel angry” and go one step further by asking “why do I feel angry?” or “is this how I really feel?”. Yep, you guessed it, then if you have a journal write down what you come up with.

You can get use a fancy journal or an regular note book, your notes in your phone, or a journal app there are plenty of options so find what you like the best.

A little something to get you started toward a healthier, happier, wealthier, and more balanced version of you!

Oh and smile! It will change your life and it looks good when you do.



Coach T

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