The Justice Department just announced the arrest of multiple USPS workers in a $1.3 million dollar identity theft scheme. The DOJ said they believe since 2018 the postal workers stole credit cards before being delivered to customers. The unauthorized credit cards were used at high-end stores and then sold the merchandise that was purchased. Multiple […]

Planning on ordering a package during this holiday season? Be prepared to pay a little extra this year. The US Postal Service recently announced plans for a temporary price increase during the peak holiday season. With the expected approval of the Postal Regulatory Commission, the temporary rates will go into effect on Oct. 2 and […]

The cost of USPS stamps went up 2 cents as of Monday. The announcement was made back in April saying inflation and increased services are the reasoning for the price hike. The Postmaster General said expect prices to continue to go up. To Read More Click Here. Source: KMOV

It feels like it’s been taking forever to get our mail, and now our USPS packages could arrive even slower. Currently, the U.S. Postal Service currently considers a first-class package to be late if it’s delivered more than three days after it was sent, however under next month’s new standards, more than 30% of first-class […]

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January 21, 2022

After a low-key website launch earlier this week, millions of COVID test kits will soon be shipped out to people across the county. In order to place this free request, click here. On this USPS link, you will be directed to fill out a contact form. If you live in an apartment complex, make sure […]

A man paid several United States postal workers to steal credit cards from mail that they delivered. Reports say this was a $750,000 identity theft scam and over 1,000 credit cards were linked to states like New York and Virginia. This operation was going on for over a two year period from January 2017 August 2019. Click […]

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December 9, 2021

The holiday season is vastly approaching and the U.S. Postal Service estimates carriers will make more than 13 billion deliveries. To keep up with the high demands in deliveries, USPS will be changing their hours by starting at 6 am and adding Sundays to their schedule. An anonymous USPS worker commented on this update, stating: […]

If you are in the market for a job or career check out the United States Post Office in Webster and Rocheater. They will be holding a hiring event October 14th and 15th 10am -4pm. The event is in person and will be held at the Rochester Mail Processing Center 1335 Jefferson Rd. Rochester, NY. […]

Yesterday, in​​ 19 states and the District of Columbia, 20 attorney generals filed an administrative complaint seeking to block US Postmaster General Louis DeJoy’s 10-year budget-cutting plan. Dejoy’s plan is to have slower deliveries, more expensive mailing rates, and reduced hours for post offices. The complaint that was filed demands the Postal Regulatory Commission thoroughly […]

If you’re expecting any packages being delivered by the USPS and wondering why haven’t it arrived yet. The US Post Office Postmaster just announced that it has plans to make some cuts to save money. On October 1st the USPS plans to slow down the delivery for first class mail from 2 – 3 day […]

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